You Are What You Read

you are what you readBack in my college days I once got into a discussion with another student once about my lack of desire to read Marquis de Sade. He argued that my refusal to read it indicated a sad failure on my part to experience everything life has to offer, refuting my claim that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it with the philosophical depth charge “don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.” Continue reading

Business cross-training

cross-trainingAs a translator, I owe a huge debt to more experienced colleagues who have taken the time to give those behind them some pointers for the road ahead. If it wasn’t for your blogs, articles, forum posts, webinars and consultation sessions I might still be under the impression that bidding for 100,000-word jobs at miniscule rates is the only option for translators these days. I’m not sorry it took me a while to learn these things; it’s been a pretty colorful journey so far and I figure it’s when you start thinking that you’re too old to learn that it’s time to retire.
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